The recipes are listed in alphabetical order:

Sourdough Starter: Day 1

Posted on Jan 26th, 2014

The day has come. I promised myself that this year I would attempt my first sourdough starter. Here is some background info about me as a bread…

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Sourdough Starter: Day 2

Posted on Jan 27th, 2014

So here we are in Day 2 of my sourdough starter experiment. I kept checking on my starter yesterday a bit like it was a sleeping baby- making sure…

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Sourdough Starter: Day 3

Posted on Jan 28th, 2014

So here we are folks- Day 3 of the incredible Sourdough Starter Challenge (as I've been referring to it today). I'm feeling a bit unsure. I was so…

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Sourdough Starter: Day 4 & 5

Posted on Jan 29th, 2014

Look at that action! I was so excited to see some real change in texture in Day 4 of this sourdough starter experiment! I've definitely had a change…

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Spinach & Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Posted on Apr 20th, 2013

My idea of hell is moving. I hate packing up my worldly possessions as you never know if you'll need that scarf or that book after you've packed…

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