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Riga in an Instagram


Here are some snaps from our trip to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. It was an incredibly different experience to some of the other European countries we’ve visited. Riga is much more subdued and much less touristy: which made it a great city to explore and discover. Until the next adventure!

France in an Instagram: Paris Edition 2


I remember so clearly my first time in Paris. I was backpacking around Europe with my best friend, so young and ready to experience everything the world had to offer. Paris, my friends, was ever so generous. It started my love affair with all things French, and I have been back to Paris a few times since, and it has never let me down. Looking back through some old photos on my Instagram, and I had to share some of my most recent Parisian experience with you. So here it is: France in an Instagram: Paris Edition 2.

Italy in an Instagram: Genoa and Turin (Genova/Torino)

The harbor of Genoa

The harbor of Genoa

We had an amazing summer holiday this year. Whilst we are saving up to visit California for Christmas this year, we decided that we would stay relatively local and European this summer. Then came the difficulty of finding a place both my husband and I have never been. Oh dear. So we decided on Lyon, France and two less visited locations in Italy: Genoa and Turin. I could not have been more pleased with our decision! Two utterly Italian cities without the touristy-rush of Rome or Florence. We could wander around, exploring and just enjoying each day of the glorious Italian sun. Here are some snaps of our journey.

Portugal in an Instagram: Porto Edition


Here’s Part Two of our beautiful summer vacation, in the picturesque Porto, Portugal. The bridges are absolutely stunning! Also, the whole city is in layers as it’s on a hill. Makes for amazing views and tired legs!PortoWe were lucky to have 3 beautiful days in this amazing city.Cathedral

The cathedral. I love this photo because of the sky. I mean, have you ever seen a sky more blue?Super BockSuper Bock is one of the major beer companies in Portugal. Refreshing and very light, so drinkable! FrancesinhaA dish that needs a bit of explanation: The Francesinha. It is a Portuguese sandwich made from bread, ham, sausage, steak and roasted pork covered with melted cheese and a tomato based beer sauce. Sometimes also topped with a fried egg. Sounds strange, but I wish they had this in San Diego for those mornings after a few too many drinks!

FrancesinhaThe inside of the Francesinha! We had this meal down by the Douro river at a Francesinha festival. There were muiltple restaurants, famous for serving this Portuguese delight, with pop ups open. It was an amazing way to introduce ourselves to Porto! Continue reading

Portugal in an Instagram: Lisbon Edition


Our summer vacation was in beautiful, sunny Portugal this year! As a country I have never been to before, I was SUPER excited to explore the picturesque sights and the delicious food. Here are some snaps from half of our trip, in the lovely Lisbon!

Arriving in Portugal

Arriving in Lisbon!

I Love Lisboa

I think I love this place already…


One of the simplest Metro systems I have ever used. Helps that the map is so pretty!The Tram

The famous Tram! Also useful as a canvas for street artists.Tour de Portugal

We were lucky enough to be walking by when the Tour de Portugal was coming through the square. They go properly fast!Bairro Alto

The Bairro Alto! The streets that lie atop the hill that burst with life at night. This is where all the bars are and where you can go see the sorrowful Fado singers.

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Goodbye London… Hello Newark!


Moving can be really scary. I don’t even think that I felt this nervous when I moved from California to London. But when new doors open, you must walk through them. So after almost 5 years, it’s time to say goodbye to the sensational, ever-changing, enigmatic city I have grown to love: London, I will miss you.


At least Stanley was very helpful with the packing! Hopefully he will be as helpful with the unpacking!


We have moved to the lovely little market town of Newark. Here is the view from our new house! And that barge (the little boat) is actually a pub! Perfect, right?

Goodbye London... Hello Newark!

And from the master bedroom… I will most definitely love waking up to this view! And a new chapter begins….

Goodbye London... Hello Newark!

Borough Market in an Instagram

Borough Market in an Instagram: The Market

Last weekend I went to the biggest food market in London: Borough. It is a market unlike any other I have ever been to. Even quite early on a chilly Saturday morning, the crowds were heaving and the busy merchants buzzing about their market stalls, all selling beautiful goods to their eager customers. Sounds great, right? Well on paper it is great. I have been about 3 times before and after each visit I always say the same thing, “The food was great, but it was just so crowded!” And it’s true. But I guess there wouldn’t be so many people flocking to a place that was just okay, would they? So, here it is, Borough Market in an Instagram.

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