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Riga in an Instagram


Here are some snaps from our trip to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. It was an incredibly different experience to some of the other European countries we’ve visited. Riga is much more subdued and much less touristy: which made it a great city to explore and discover. Until the next adventure!

France in an Instagram: Paris Edition 2


I remember so clearly my first time in Paris. I was backpacking around Europe with my best friend, so young and ready to experience everything the world had to offer. Paris, my friends, was ever so generous. It started my love affair with all things French, and I have been back to Paris a few times since, and it has never let me down. Looking back through some old photos on my Instagram, and I had to share some of my most recent Parisian experience with you. So here it is: France in an Instagram: Paris Edition 2.

Italy in an Instagram: Genoa and Turin (Genova/Torino)

The harbor of Genoa

The harbor of Genoa

We had an amazing summer holiday this year. Whilst we are saving up to visit California for Christmas this year, we decided that we would stay relatively local and European this summer. Then came the difficulty of finding a place both my husband and I have never been. Oh dear. So we decided on Lyon, France and two less visited locations in Italy: Genoa and Turin. I could not have been more pleased with our decision! Two utterly Italian cities without the touristy-rush of Rome or Florence. We could wander around, exploring and just enjoying each day of the glorious Italian sun. Here are some snaps of our journey.

Portugal in an Instagram: Porto Edition


Here’s Part Two of our beautiful summer vacation, in the picturesque Porto, Portugal. The bridges are absolutely stunning! Also, the whole city is in layers as it’s on a hill. Makes for amazing views and tired legs!PortoWe were lucky to have 3 beautiful days in this amazing city.Cathedral

The cathedral. I love this photo because of the sky. I mean, have you ever seen a sky more blue?Super BockSuper Bock is one of the major beer companies in Portugal. Refreshing and very light, so drinkable! FrancesinhaA dish that needs a bit of explanation: The Francesinha. It is a Portuguese sandwich made from bread, ham, sausage, steak and roasted pork covered with melted cheese and a tomato based beer sauce. Sometimes also topped with a fried egg. Sounds strange, but I wish they had this in San Diego for those mornings after a few too many drinks!

FrancesinhaThe inside of the Francesinha! We had this meal down by the Douro river at a Francesinha festival. There were muiltple restaurants, famous for serving this Portuguese delight, with pop ups open. It was an amazing way to introduce ourselves to Porto! Continue reading

Portugal in an Instagram: Lisbon Edition


Our summer vacation was in beautiful, sunny Portugal this year! As a country I have never been to before, I was SUPER excited to explore the picturesque sights and the delicious food. Here are some snaps from half of our trip, in the lovely Lisbon!

Arriving in Portugal

Arriving in Lisbon!

I Love Lisboa

I think I love this place already…


One of the simplest Metro systems I have ever used. Helps that the map is so pretty!The Tram

The famous Tram! Also useful as a canvas for street artists.Tour de Portugal

We were lucky enough to be walking by when the Tour de Portugal was coming through the square. They go properly fast!Bairro Alto

The Bairro Alto! The streets that lie atop the hill that burst with life at night. This is where all the bars are and where you can go see the sorrowful Fado singers.

There’s lots more photos after the jump! Continue reading

Cookbook I’m Loving… #1

Cookbook collection

One of my resolutions this year was to read more cookbooks. More specifically- to read the cookbooks I already own. I have SO many. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have A LOT of cookbooks. (I can’t really bring myself to count because I don’t want to give my husband an actual number.) I want to sit down and properly read one of the cookbooks from my collection. It’s not often enough that when I buy or receive a new book as a gift that I actually read it from cover to cover. You can see that while I have read some (evidenced by the tabs sticking out of the books, marking the recipes that I must try) I have not read enough of each book. So here is my first attempt at keeping my resolution!

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Maltby Street Market in an Instagram

Maltby Street Market is a little gem, hidden beneath the train tracks in South London. You’ll find everything from a brewery to people pressing fresh waffles, a honey company to Gin makers and the best butchers and artisanal goods in town. A stone’s throw from Borough Market, which has been long lauded as the best market in London, Maltby Street is almost it’s antithesis. Maybe it’s because most people don’t know it’s there and the crowds that plague Borough haven’t yet reached the calm oasis in Bermondsey. The traders are friendly and the location is lovely, and a bit of a sun trap. Here are some of my snaps from my early morning jaunt to the beautiful Maltby Street Market.
My heart was so happy when I saw this sign. Not only some of the best sourdough that I’ve had in London (c’mon Brits, I know you’re trying but you can do SO much better!) but also I got to sample their famous custard filled doughnuts.
Let me tell you, the hype is warranted. I’m not really a doughnut person, so I guess I’m not really the best expert on amazing doughnuts, but the dough was fluffy and light and the filling was rich and creamy. A perfect doughnut in my eyes.
Have a closer look why don’t you…
We wandered round the corner, underneath the rumbling trains over head to the main drag of the market. There we found my new best friend Monty and his beyond words delicious Reuben sandwich. The menu is very simple, consisting of the Jewish deli classics we all know and love. Matzo Ball Soup, giant pickles and the perfectly pressed sandwiches really blew my mind, even at 10:30 in the morning. Jewish Soul Food indeed.
Make sure you don’t miss out on the coleslaw with Sriracha. It’s amazing! And just look at that bad boy. Ask for the special. Trust me.
We then went to ogle the treats at Comptoir Gourmand, where I bought a beautiful Plum Brioche that was delicate and only slightly sweet. The fruit was allowed to shine, which I love.
We moved on to sample some cheese at Neal’s Yard Dairy. I bought the most beautiful, fresh goats cheese. It was not as tangy as a traditional goats, it was a bit more buttery and smooth. It was a fantastic coating to my St John sourdough bread.
We went around, back under the tracks to where we began right near St John. I knew I wanted to find Bea’s Diner, a warehouse for Bea’s of Bloomsbury that opens on Saturday mornings to serve an amazing American style brunch. We walked by where I thought it should be and I could hear music. But nothing. Then this couple came out of what looked like a shipping container door to the unmarked warehouse. We jumped at the chance, grabbed the dor and we were in. Six tables, people sat family style and sticky maple syrup dripping onto the tables from the tiny vintage jugs. Heaven.
Best pancakes outside of America.
Inspiration for my newest brunch obsession. I will conquer the poached egg!
Fluffy buttermilk pancakes with roasted strawberries. Indescribable.
Still setting up. My hubby and brother were not happy I made them get up so early! I didn’t want to miss anything!
Wandering down a tunnel underneath the train tracks.
Quite a view. One very successful day: tastebuds treated, sunshine, blue skies and full bellies. I can’t wait to return to Maltby Street Market, where I can discover even more treasures underneath the train tracks.