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Welcome to Flick of the Whisk! My name is Chelsea (AKA Ms Whisk when I’m in the kitchen). I’ve loved cooking and baking for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the small town of El Segundo, CA to an Italian-American father, I soon learned my way around a kitchen.

I began baking cookies for parties and whipping up dips for family gatherings and always dreamt of having my own cookbook. I graduated college in sunny San Diego (Go Aztecs!) and moved to London with my then boyfriend (now husband), Alex. While searching for a job and spending lots of time at home alone- my love for cooking and baking for people grew. Then in December 2011 I took a leap of faith into a world quite unfamiliar to me: my own blog dedicated to what I’m making in my tiny London kitchen.

We got married!

My husband, Alex and I got married in August 2012 in a little chapel on the bluffs of Palos Verdes, California. It has been an incredibly busy few years for us both! I also began my career as a 4th Grade teacher in a Primary School that I love, and my coworkers have been brilliant testers of my creations. Let me tell you, I think teachers love baked goods more than most!

In 2014, we made the decision to move out of London. A huge change to our already crazy lives! We now live in the pretty little market town of Newark, about an hour and 20 minutes train away from London.

 And this is Stanley, our lovely little Shiba Inu.


He may look cute, but boy does he keep us busy! He’s one year old and definitely thinks he can boss us around. But there is nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy is there (pics on my Instagram)? That is what keeps me sane!

This is what I love- I don’t claim to be an expert! I am learning with every new idea and recipe I make and every photo I take and edit. If you have questions, ask them below the post and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible.

I truly hope you enjoy looking at my photos and trying out the recipes as much as I did making them. There are many ways to keep in touch, so don’t be a stranger! I love feedback and would love to hear from you, especially if you’ve tried out a recipe!

I believe the time spent in the kitchen should be happy and full of love- it’s the true secret ingredient to making the most delicious food!

Thank you for reading!

xxx Chelsea

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Reveline Bergquist

    Hi Chelsea!
    My name is Reveline but call me Rev for short.
    I have a lot of things in common with you so I am willing to take the risk with the wisk and try your recipes. 🙂 I used to live in Manhattan Bch, CA and was a waitress at the Kettle. I love the muffins, the soups, salads, appetizers, heck I loved it all. The bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Omy! Lol! I also visited Paris and London. Love them both. I fell in love with afternoon tea. How is the life there so far? The people are pleasant aren’t they? I so miss mushed peas too. Lol! Anyway, say hello to the Royal family. Take care n ttyl! Will keep u posted. Thank you for the recipes!
    Rev 🙂

    1. Ms Whisk Post author

      Hi Rev!

      It’s so lovely to hear about someone from home, especially someone who loves the Kettle as much as I do! England is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people, and I adore living here. Thank you for your kind words and I hope you get a chance to try out some recipes! I’d love to see photos of your efforts!

      C xxx

  2. Andrea

    Hello Chelsea,

    I was just searching for a great raisen bran muffin and I came across on your blog.
    So I started to read…
    We just went down to the pier in Manhattan Beach where is our favorite restaurant the Kettle is. So much memories for me there’s…my parents’ favorite restaurant. Since then they are not with us anymore, this place has a very soft spot in my heart because of my beloved parents..only one place I found then they served liver with onion my mom’s favorite dish from the Kettle. As you know we European(we are from Hungary, been here 32 years) eat everything nothing goes to waste. Lol
    Needles to say we went in to the coffee bean to get my raisin honey bran muffin. Get home and trying to get this recipe
    from somewhere.
    I thought I share this story with you. Will be making your muffin soon.
    Enjoy your stay in on London last time I was there 4 years ago when my mom past in Hungary.


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